ADS Consultants is an independent consulting firm established in 1996. Working to short deadlines, we provide recommendations and solutions that are: Realistic, Personalised, easily Implementable.
We guarantee your satisfaction through our philosophy, our approach and our results-oriented culture.

Giving a meaning to work

ADS Consultants gives meaning to your teams' work. To guarantee the result meets your objective, we draw on three key pillars:

- Operational factors -
" ADS Consultants are reliable and genuinely hands-on; they deliver the expected results
in terms of the objectives fixed together. "
Executive Director’s chief of staff in a large French cooperative banking group
- Cross-functional factors -
" They integrate themselves in the company
so as to understand the issues and identify sticking points
and where adjustments need to be done. "
Managing Director of a Regional Agricultural Cooperative in South-West France
- Efficiency -
" They give the company that extra momentum
to reach its targets more rapidly in a given period. "
General Secretary of a French cooperative bank

Operational harmony

We are passionate about our work. We establish a working relationship with your teams based on trust and harmony driven by the three core values of our business culture:

- Pragmatism -
" They take a realistic view and just get the work done. "
Managing Director of an Agricultural Cooperative Group
- Humility -
" It's their whole mindset:
they listen and are easy to speak to.
You immediately feel comfortable. "
Head of Audit & Internal Control for an Agricultural Cooperative
- Pedagogy -
" They motivate the teams by example
and the results they achieve. "
Supervisor in the General Auditing Department of a French Banking Group

Corporate sponsorship

ADS Consultants decided to support
the Orchestre de Paris and the Comité de Rugby de Paris
through its sponsorship initiatives.

We commit to providing a comprehensive support for all your projects from the initial assessment to the implementation of our recommendations, across our three areas of expertise:



Risk management
& control systems

How to meet regulatory requirements?
How to adapt my organisation to these requirements?


& operational efficiency

How to implement cross-functional processes?
How to deliver faster while maintaining the same level of quality?


Business requirements
& information systems

How to work more efficiently thanks to your IS?
How to improve the efficiency of your IS?

Bank accounting

We are experts in bank accounting, we have extensive experience of working with accounting and financial departments.

Smart tools

We design and rapidly implement smart IT tools that are suited to your daily tasks.

Crisis management

Within just a few days, we can set up expert task forces to control and manage emergency situations.

The partners at ADS Consultants have established multi-disciplinary teams made up of:

  • a network of Star Partners©, profession-specific operational partners from the business world;
  • top-flight consultants trained by the Partners and Star Partners©.

Drawing on these resources, we provide our customers with qualified profiles selected by the partners based on their direct experience concerning a given problem.

The Partners Managers are your key contacts. They guarantee the quality of the working relationship, the monitoring and success of the projects and the relevance of advices given. ADS Consultants implements high-quality, pragmatic solutions to rapidly deliver the expected results.

ADS builds on its skills and experience to provide you with comprehensive, relevant and operational expertise.

"Yes, they are consultants, so they have all the experience and expertise. But they have such a close relationship with their customers that they can overcome every problem."
Supervisor in the General Auditing
Department of a French Banking Group
" When we need to address operational issues
or when we have problems to solve,
we call on ADS Consultants. "
Head of Customer Administration department
for the Investment Bank of a French banking group
" A hands-on approach, direct communication
and relevant solutions. "
Managing Director
of a Regional Agricultural Cooperative in South-West France
" Give me a firm whose employees are such experts
in accounting and I'll take it any day. "
Accounting Director
for a regional French bank
" The Star Partners have cutting-edge expertise.
They are a genuine source of ideas and proposals
thanks to their specialisations and working methods. "
Executive Director’s chief of staff
in a large French cooperative network
" They build solutions hand in hand with us;
they do not impose their ideas. "
Audit & Internal Control Director
for an Agricultural Cooperative

We work with companies in many business sectors:
Banking, Insurance and Mutual Health Insurance,
Industry, Agricultural Cooperatives, Health-care,
Telecommunications & Media, Real-estate, Services.

of our customers have worked with us repeatedly